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Training for dimensional metrology in digital manufacturing

Consortium consists of five partners from different countries. Three universities and two non-profit organizations.
We develop training material for digital manufacturing including content for design, manufacturing and quality control.
Teachers with improved teaching, tutoring and networking skills, knowing new teaching methodologies.
Graduates and trainees better prepared for work in companies related to digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0
Work-based virtual training before actual work on real manufacturing and measuring equipment.
Easier transition to work in advanced manufacturing organisations

CATIM - Technological Centre for the Metal Working Industry is a non-profit private institution that resulted from the association of interests of industrial and respective associated companies, as well as public bodies.

The founding partners of CATIM are:

  • AIMMAP - Association of Portuguese Metallurgical, Mechanical Engineering and Similar Industrial Companies;
  • INETI - National Institute of Industrial Engineering and Technology;
  • IAPMEI - Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises.

CATIM’s mission is to contribute to the innovation and competitiveness of metalworking industries and related sectors.

Due to its specificity (Technology Center) and its sectoral vocation, CATIM has always been an essential element in the business modernisation on metalworking industries and related sectors, providing directly services to companies and collaborating with the State and its various departments to the implementation of relevant functions (such as the recognition as Notified Body or Sectoral Standardization Body in several fields) and in many industrially oriented programs or in partnership with several national and foreign entities, for example technological infrastructures, to improve quality, safety, innovation, competitiveness, technological upgrade and the sustainability of the national industry. Knowing well the target sectors has been a constant concern, either through a close with the industrial and sectoral associations, either the participation in sectoral studies programs, diagnosis and strategic planning individualized for SMEs (e.g. Benchmarking studies, training-action programs), study and implementation of good manufacturing practices, either through the participation in various national and European forums of technological surveillance.

  • CATIM is member of:
  • CIRP, The International Academy for Production Engineering;
  • CmTrain, Training for Coordinate Metrology;
  • EUSPEN, European Society for Precision Engineering & Nanotechnology;
  • Lab TQ, European Association of Independent Test laboratories;
  • PRODUTECH, Production Technologies Cluster.

CATIM provides:

  • Interactions with industry (SMEs);
  • Research and development;
  • Establishment and access to research infrastructures;
  • Networking and international collaborations;
  • Bridges between academia and industry;
  • Training programs in own expertise areas;
  • Promotion of Industry and technology among young students.

CATIM LOGOCATIM has based its actions for coordination of services also with strategic collective nature aiming at efficiency gains and increase the competitiveness and internationalisation levels for all those who use this Technology Center.


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