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Training for dimensional metrology in digital manufacturing

Consortium consists of five partners from different countries. Three universities and two non-profit organizations.
We develop training material for digital manufacturing including content for design, manufacturing and quality control.
Teachers with improved teaching, tutoring and networking skills, knowing new teaching methodologies.
Graduates and trainees better prepared for work in companies related to digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0
Work-based virtual training before actual work on real manufacturing and measuring equipment.
Easier transition to work in advanced manufacturing organisations

The University of Padua, founded in 1222, is ranked as the first large Italian University for the quality of its research results according to the first ever two reports issued by the National Research Assessment Committee (ANVUR).

Based on the number of citations of articles and publications by its researchers (source: ISI), the University of Padua ranks among the top three Italian universities for total impact index, productivity index, and presence index. Research at Padova is also attracting more and more public and private funding. Some 5.2% of the resources that the Italian State allocates to scientific projects of national importance are awarded to Researchers at the University of Padua, while financing from the European Union for projects in various departments and research centres at the university has grown by 40% over the last three years. Further confirmation of the university ability to contribute to the cultural development and economic growth of the region comes from the number of ongoing contracts with public and private bodies for experimental activities. Commercial research services alone account for 32% of the income of the university departments.

The institution consists of 32 Departments that offer 100 first cycle degree courses, 80 second cycle degree courses, 70 Short specialization degree courses, 65 specialization schools (mostly medical ones), a School of Excellence (Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori) and over 76 different doctoral programmes. It is one of the most important higher education institution in Italy with more than sixty thousand students (40000 at bachelor level, 20000 at master level and 1500 at doctoral level), 230 post-doc researchers, 2300 members of the teaching staff and 2300 members of the administrative staff.

At the School of Engineering (, the Precision Manufacturing research group ( includes the Laboratory of Industrial and Geometrical Metrology, which has a world-class reputation for research in Manufacturing Metrology (including Dimensional Metrology), and is active in a number of research activities related to Digital Manufacturing, including Additive Manufacturing.

The Group’s scientific staff consists of about thirty researchers, including professors, assistant professors, research assistants and Ph.D. students. The planned project activities will benefit from the strong collaboration between the Precision Manufacturing research group and a number of industrial companies in both the automotive and general industry where precision engineering, metal forming, polymers processing, additive manufacturing and assembly processes are applied.

Courses are offered at different levels: university courses in multiple engineering curricula, master and doctoral courses. Vocational education and training is offered for both private manufacturing companies and unemployed individuals. Some parts of the courses are delivered using eLearning based concepts

DeglaThe University has a central International Office which provides informative and management support for international projects. At department level, the Research Office provides support for administration and reporting as well as for contracts with appointed personnel and subcontracted services.



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